2013 Feng Shui

 Feng Shui for 2013 Analysis

2013 Feng Shui Chart

Five Tiger Sha (or Wu Ji Sha)

Tiger refers to the earth branch, Yin. It is the most dangerous sha of all.

For year 2013, the Five Tiger Sha sectors are at: Wu (S2) & Wei (SW1).

Renovation should be avoid at the Five Tiger Sha sector.

If not, start the renovation at North sector of the housing first then start at other sectors.

Suggestion: Place 6 copper coins at SW sector.


Five Yellow (Lian Zhen Star)

Sectors: Centre plus NW2, SW2, SE2 & NE2

Suggestion: Place 6 copper coins.


Three Killing & opposite Three Killing Sha

Sectors: NE3, E2, SE1 & SW3, W2(danger), NW1

Suggestion: E2 can place Red item and West can place Blue item


Tai Sui & Sui Po

Sectors: SE3 & NW3


Two Black (Ju Men Star)

Sector: SW

As the name suggest “sickness flying star 2”, is Earth element. This sector if coincide with the monthly star “disaster 5” in May 2013 any form of unfortunate events could happen.

Suggestion: Place 6 copper coins.


BaZi Analysis

The Beginning of Spring for 2013

2013 BaZi Chart

Day/Self element YIN Metal is “Weak”.
Favourable elements are FIRE, EARTH & METAL.
Favourable METAL only hidden at the earth branch.
Favourable EARTH at heaven stem but clash by WOOD and WATER.
FIRE is favourable whenever EARTH is strong.

Favourable METAL is only at the hidden of the earth branch with “bridge combination”.
Self element is weak and the unfavourable WOOD is very strong, whole pillar is in season and generated by unfavourable WATER.

Caution: Avoid big spending, high risk investment, gambling and extra marital affairs.

Unfavourable WATER appears on the heaven stem with strong root. Favourable EARTH unable to control the unfavourable WATER.

Only Favourable EARTH at the heaven stem represents Wisdom, but it is sitting on WATER element and being clash by strong WOOD.

Caution: Due to the strong Unfavourable WATER may lead people to make wrong decision and/or reputation and status is damaged. At Rooster month, Sept 13 need to be careful.

Caution: At the Spouse Palace, there are many combinations and underground combination implies couple relationship is complicated and need to manage carefully.