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feng shui master

Having great interest and passion in Chinese Metaphysics, Master Yeow started his pursuit his learning and discovers this mystical field of study for many years ago via self-study.

He has received guidance from several masters who are well-versed in various schools of thought.

Our school based on Qi Form Metaphysic, traditional Feng Shui. We work to create a space that harnesses positivity and opens a pathway for energy to flow freely in your home.

Our school is Dahann I-ching Academy  大汉易经书院.


我所学的風水是来之台湾,是综合了多门派所研究出来的精华。 这门風水叫做传统風水。 以紫白飞星和多种口诀算出吉凶 方位,避凶趋吉 来做布局。先在由我 理气風水做教学。希望能掌握这门派的计巧,好好发辉 和帮助人们改善房子风水。 谢谢!。

To date, Master Yeow had done extensive Feng Shui audits for all types of properties, including HDB flats, executive apartments, condominiums, landed properties, offices and retail shops. We have a wide range of clients from different age groups, nationality and careers.

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