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BaZi chart

Human beings have dreams and goals; we are all on a pursuit of success and happiness. Yet, some people may try all their lives and still not get what they want. Why so? It is not that they are not as qualified as their counterparts; they simply lack an understanding of their own destiny. By taking the Feng Shui for Bazi analysis for individuals, you can take charge of your life and make wiser decisions which will bolster your success in life!

Through the Bazhi analysis, you can have an answer to all these questions:
• When will your fortune finally strike and will you ever get rich?
• What are the steps you can take to improve your luck at finding romance?
• Which time of the year are you most likely to enjoy good luck and which are the periods you should lay low? This will give you a sense of when to begin a new venture.
• What are your potential health problems? Take action and plan a healthier diet and active lifestyle to prevent these illnesses.
• What are your innate talents, character and hidden potentials? Knowing them will allow you to tap into your own brilliance rather than sail through life aimlessly.
• Should you remain as an employee or are you better off being your own boss and deciding your own business trajectory? In the course of business, are you a person who should look at forming partnerships?

Knowing the answers to these questions can really give you an advantage in life. It will also boost your confidence when it comes to venturing into new territories. Successful moguls take risks in life and therefore they get the big returns. We are, however, not encouraging you to follow suit. Instead, you should take calculated risks, and you can do so by first understanding your own destiny.

Our Feng Shui experts are highly sought after in the industry. The reason is because we do not simply inform our clients the elements that are missing in their Bazi chart, character or Feng Shui colours. We will recommend solutions to fill these missing elements.

Our aim is to help you decipher, understand and forecast your destiny. Instead of inundating you with jargons, we will listen to your needs and help you make informed decisions. You may be surprised just how powerful this self discovery is —it enables you to finally turn your life around. You can now control and write your own destiny.

Some of the popular areas of advice we had provided to our satisfied clients include:

Luck Cycle analysis
• Wealth
• Health
• Career
• Character analysis
• Academic
• Family
• Romance, Marriage and Relationships
• Business and Partnerships
• Understanding your potential talents and abilities
• Migrating decisions
• Understanding your child’s talents, character and future so that you can plan their future effectivetly and unleash their true potentials
• And much more …

These are only a small list of what Bazi Analysis can do for you. Please contact us for a no obligation enquiry about your specific needs and we are happy to answer all your concerns.
For more enquires, please contact us by fill the enquiry form below. All information will be kept confidential.

P.S. When you have a greater understanding of who you are and what you are meant to achieve in this life, you can write your own fate. Call us now for a non-obligatory consultation or drop us an email GeomancerSingapore@gmail.com or enter an enquiry by filling the enquiry form or contact us at +65-9688 6849.


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