Feng Shui Aquarium Tank

Feng Shui Aquarium Tank

Feng Shui Aquarium

feng shui fish tank

Aquarium is a wonderful addition to your home. Do you know watching fish is a form of relaxation? Fish are low maintenance, beautiful to watch, and will provide you with hours of entertainment.

In terms of Feng Shui aspect, placing a fish tank in the house can improve the Qi of the house. Water harness Qi, if you place a fish tank at the Sheng Qi location of the house, it will collect and accommodate the Qi and distribute to various part of the house. Hence it will improve the harmony, health, wealth and luck of the family members in the house.

There are few things you need to take note. The water of the fish tank should have some movement therefore place filter in the fish tank to let the water flow. The fish tank filter should be a low noise type else if the fish tank filter is noisy, then it will create sound Sha. Keep the water of the fish tank clean and use a good filter.

The height of the tank should below chest level so that the Qi can be easily accumulated. The size of the tank can be at least 3ft as Gua sector is around 3ft – 4ft. The fish tank stand best to use wood instead of metal as metal material can affect the magnetic field and Qi.

Lastly, keep fish that is easy to maintain. If you do not want to keep fish, you can put some aquarium plants too.