The Five Elements

The Five Elements and Relationship

One of the basic principles of Feng Shui is the principle of five elements, which are Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water. These Feng Shui elements interact between themselves in certain ways, generally defined as the Productive and Destructive cycles.

Each Feng Shui element is represented by a specific color, and color is the easiest way to use the five elements principle to bring more harmony into your home with Feng Shui.
Here is the color correspondence of each of the five Feng Shui elements:
• WOOD: Green, Brown
• FIRE: Red, Strong Yellow, Orange, Purple, Pink
• EARTH: Light Yellow, Sandy/Earthy, Light Brown
• METAL: White, Gray
• WATER: Blue, Black

Generating Cycle
Each element can generate strength and support to any elemental forces that is weak
Metal produces Water: Metal can be liquefied.
Water nourishes Wood: Water is the element for the growth of plant, vegetable or tree.
Wood activates Fire: Wood provide as a fuel for Fire.
Fire enriches Earth: The ashes of Fire is the primary substance of Earth.
Earth yields metal: Metal ore is obtain from Earth

Controlling Cycle
Each element has the ability and capability of weakening and sometime if a element is too strong it even destroying the another element.
Metal clash Wood: Metal can cut and sharp Wood.
Wood penetrates Earth: Wood can extract the essence of Earth.
Earth drains Water: Earth absorbs the water
Water extinguishes Fire: Water control and put up Fire
Fire destroys Metal: The heat of the Fire melts Metal